Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access my services?

My service is open to UK adult residents. You will just need a device that supports video conferencing platforms like Zoom, and an internet connection. Exceptionally, I can arrange home visits (see below).

What are my working hours?

My working hours are normally from 11am to 7pm on weekdays, but it is possible to book evening sessions or even weekend sessions, depending on availability. Please email me for further information.

How much does it cost

My rates are quite competitive as I am choosing to charge less and to offer discounts so as to allow access to my services even on a limited budget. click here for the full list. 

I can arrange those discounts depending on your situation. I am also offering an automatic discount to any NHS staff or essential worker who has been on the front line of Covid19, dealing with the impact of the pandemic.

What is the difference between emotional support and counselling?

Can I arrange face to face sessions?

This service is not available yet. However I am hoping to offer it in the future. I am based in Surrey.

Do I do 'home visit' sessions

This service is now available over the Dorking and surrounding area, if you are house-bound or have limited mobility, would rather not opt for telephone counselling, and have limited video conferencing technology available to you. 

Do I offer telephone sessions?

Yes, that can be arranged, especially if you do not have access to internet or if you suffer from visual impairment that makes video conferencing difficult. In which case, I would be calling you so that there is no additional charge.

Do I offer my services to clients who are deaf and use sign language?

I do not know BSL, but sessions with a third party who would allow us to communicate can be organised, if you trust that person. Special confidentiality arrangements can be created for this. 

I can also offer counselling sessions via SMS or instant WhatsApp messaging, which may seem a little less easy to conduct, but can be quite effective and would not necessitate a third party. As a volunteer on '7 cups', I am very used to the instant messaging format.

Do I offer counselling to couples?

Not yet, because I haven't undertaken the necessary training for it. Please look on the links page (coming soon) for sign posting to couple counselling resources.